Movin On

Posted by: Neum 4 years ago — 0 comments

For the past ten months I've worked at Classic Aviation at the skypark here in Bountiful. It was fun to be left to develop Princejets - a great place to get a private jet charter by the way - the best way I saw fit, using Python and Django. I learned a lot and I really enjoyed the great people I worked with. Brad, Lane, looking at you. The company was recently sold to a venture firm and I'm sure they'll quickly cut the fat and shelve the extreme nepotism moving forward. Regardless of all that I really enjoyed working for Classic and I'll miss it there sometimes.

But that's all yesterdays news. Today I'm striking out on my own and I've decided its time to give the entrepreneur in me a chance to break out. So, moving forward I'm going to be working on businesses both old and new with my wife. I've cleaned out the office and I'm writing this from home where I can here my wife work with our youngest daughter on learning the alphabet.

Something tells me this is how its supposed to be.