Reaction Commerce on Mac

In case I haven’t talked about it before, I’m really into e-commerce. I love everything about it and I run multiple stores and I’m always watching for new e-commerce solutions that are coming out. I’ve tried Reaction Commerce before, but with it’s recent 1.0 release I figured it was time to get serious and build a store out with it to really explore it’s capabilites.

Their install docs are really simple so I charged ahead. But, I quickly hit a snag in OSX. Meteor and everything installed fine but when I got to the “reaction run” bit I got an error about a “file table overflow”. That was unexpected but after a bit of searching around I was able to figure out what was wrong. In a nutshell, you need to raise the file limits in OSX Sierra in order for an app like Reaction to run locally. I tried a few different options but the best solution in my opinion is to use this gist to solve the issue.

Once I had run the script, I was able to run Reaction Commerce locally without issue.

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