Chrome 30 Breaks FKCeditor

Recently at work I had a perplexing issue. One of the knowledge workers’ browser suddenly stopped loading the FCKeditor in Magento. It was weird because myself and everyone else who used the administration side of Magento was able to edit pages and products just fine and have the editor load up no problem. At first I though it might be a javascript issue or something but that was working fine everywhere else. Finally I loaded the network panel and saw an error there

Uncaught SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin...

Weird indeed. After looking around for a bit I was able to find a fix. In two files you need to change some Javascript to fix this error. In Magento that is. In your Magento install go to


And in both fckeditorcode_gecko.js and fckeditorcode_ie.js search for the following line:

FCKTools.FixDocumentParentWindow=function(A){if (A.document) A.document.parentWindow=A;for (var i=0;i<A.frames.length;i++) FCKTools.FixDocumentParentWindow(A.frames[i]);};

Then replace that line with this:

FCKTools.FixDocumentParentWindow = function(A){try{ if (A.document) A.document.parentWindow=A;} catch(e){};for (var i=0;i<A.frames.length;i++) FCKTools.FixDocumentParentWindow(A.frames[i]);};

That’s it. Problem fixed.

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