KSL Car Ads Filled with Fraud

Update: Feb. 1st 2013 - It appears they have finally cleaned up all the fraud posts.

Living in the Salt Lake City area is fabulous and around here the main market to buy and sell stuff - along with Craigslist - is KSL.com. I’ve sold and purchased several vehicles via the used cars section of their site. Its at ksl.com/auto/. While its a great resource its also absolutely filled with fraudulent postings trying to get people to send money for cars that don’t exist. Which is sad because all of the fraudulent postings share the fact that they are 1: too good to be true and 2: they have no phone number to contact the seller. Instead you email them and they give you some sob story about their husband dying in Iraq and they just need money, yada, yada and how you can just purchase it through Ebay for buyer protection which is of course crap. Sad thing is all they would have to do to combat most of this fraud is remove posting that don’t include a phone number. I mean really, if you had a car you’re trying to sell you want to get that phone call.

ksl fraud

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