Phantom iPhone Alarm is Back!

A few years ago with my first to 3rd generation iPhones I found that I couldn’t trust the alarm. Sometimes I would set it and it simply would either not go off or it would be so quiet that it never roused me from sleep. I quickly learned that I was an idiot to trust it and always added a second alarm clock to the mix if I had anything important to wake up for.

That hasn’t happened in a couple of years for me and my iPhone alarm had earned back my trust. And then yesterday I upgraded to iOS9.

And now it has been shattered again. Never. Again. Will. I. Trust. My. iPhone. Alarm.


Tried to wake up to go to swim class this morning. Set for 5am. When I woke up at 7am my alarm was indeed still going off, except it was so quiet I practically needed a stethoscope on it to hear the alarm.

And that new keyboard sucks too! Oh, and that double tap screen, come on!

Update: Apparently I wasn’t the only one with the failing alarm because they released an update a few days later. Wonder how many appointments were missed around the globe because of this?

stupid iphone alarm

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