Setup Rails + Spree on Mac

I wanted to setup Spree locally on my Macbook but the directions on their site didn’t work. At all. Here is how I got it installed and working.

Install RVM + Rails (poor mans rails installer)

 \curl -L | bash -s stable --rails

I found the documentation at to be more specific. When I tried to install using the tutorial documentation it failed due to it installing Rails 4 which the Spree it installed was not compatible with. I had to come back and change the commands to install the correct version of rails.

Install Rails Version that Works With Spree

 rvm gemset create rails32

Then copy the last part it outputs after /ruby- such as “2.0.0-p247@rails32” to use in the next command

 rvm 2.0.0-p247@rails32

This switches you to use that gemset you just created.

 gem install rails -v 3.2.13

Now you should be able to check your rails version and it should return 3.2.13

 rails -vInstall bundler
 gem install bundler

Install Imagemagick using Brew

 brew install imagemagick

Install Spree Command Gem

 gem install spree_cmd

Create Your Spree Project

 rails new mystore

Finally, we can install Spree!

 cd mystore
 spree install --auto-accept

That will give you a nice error and tell you to run “bundle install”. When you run that you’ll get an error about jquery-rails like so: Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem “jquery-rails”:

In Gemfile:

spree (= 2.0.3) ruby depends on
jquery-rails (~> 2.2.1) ruby
jquery-rails (3.0.2)

To fix that open the file named gemfile in the mystore directory and change this line:

 gem 'jquery-rails'


 gem 'jquery-rails', '2.2.1'


 bundle install

and finally,

 spree install -A

Now we can start the server and see our handiwork.

 rails server

Then visit in your browser and rock Spree! Whew - anyone else feel that was harder than it should have been?

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